Imaging of DNA origami using atomic force microscopy

ESR9: Episode One

It has been great to start my PhD at such a place as iNANO at Aarhus University. My colleagues are passionate, friendly and interested in chatting about research.

I am under the supervision of Prof. Mingdong Dong and Prof. Paolo Actis, working on surface charge characterization using scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM). SICM was primarily a topography-mapping tool, but due to its capacity to provide information about local ionic flux and surface charge, SICM is becoming increasingly popular to study such phenomena. By using complementary techniques including atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, we are currently working on surface charge characterization of biological systems and materials while further developing SICM methodology.

I am very grateful to be a part of the SENTINEL consortium, where there are many opportunities to learn from students and professors with similar research interests. I am especially looking forward to the exchanges within the consortium, where I will get the possibility to do research in a new environment and collaborate with the other SENTINEL fellows.

Sebastian Skaanvik

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