ESR15: Episode One

Looking back, I am surprised that it is already a year since I first came to Zurich. Switzerland is as beautiful as they say and Zurich is attractive in a more complex way. It has been such a fulfilling year even with the unfortunate pandemic situation.

I am grateful to start my PhD at ETH Zurich because groundbreaking research is happening here. Friendly colleagues and an understanding working atmosphere has really helped me settle into my new role and I can confidently state that I am in an optimal, research-oriented, equal-minded environment carefully maintained by my supervisor and colleagues. Through this first year I have realised that SENTINEL doesn’t just give me daily employment but it is a platform that provides so many useful resources and opens up so many great opportunities.

After our last delightful gathering in Paris, the pandemic has made life a bit difficult. For me, our Journal Club meetings during the lockdown have been more than simply scientific communications because it has been a pleasure and a relief to know that people feel the same way as I and we are supporting each other. I consider myself luckier than most because many people have suffered far more in this pandemic wave.  I have been only a bit anxious and lacking impetus during the lockdown but thinking positively, I have had more time to process data and now I am especially motivated in my experiments. My last word for now is to wish everyone good luck with their own lab work and to keep good health in life!

Xinyu Zhang

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