ESR13: Episode One

It has been almost a year since I started my PhD at the University of Twente in the Bioelectronics group led by Professor Serge Lemay. During the three years before that I worked in Colombia for engineering consultancy firms in the Data Science area. That experience was great but I knew that in the long term my passion was to do research in nano-electronics again, and now I am.  I have found my current research project to be just the right combination of science and real-life application that I was looking for. It is even more fulfilling when you work with a group of brilliant and friendly scientists as are the people both in SENTINEL and in our research group.

Despite the current pandemic situation living in the Netherlands remains very pleasant. We had to work from home for a few weeks and we took turns in the office when the University was restarting. But several research facilities are open now and we can go to most of our labs regularly. Furthermore, we had to invest a lot of creativity to find ways to extend work at home, so it was a great opportunity to read big books, run some code and analyze mountains of data. On the other hand, it has been always possible to go for a walk, a bike ride to explore or even meeting with a small group of friends (keeping a safe distance of course).

Our first workshop in Paris was amazing. I know we were looking forward to the next one in 2020 and to visit and work with each other during our secondments this year. The pandemic has postponed those activities for now but we are still learning, discovering, and enjoying everything that this great network has given to our lives. It is a true privilege and motivation to keep doing what we love in times when so many have lost so much.

Daniel Duarte Sanchez

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