ESR12: Episode One

It’s been nearly nine months since I arrived in Italy to start work at Elements SRL and to study at Bologna University. Italy is just beautiful and it really does have all the rich culture, cuisine, and history that so many people across the world adore. Applying for a place on the SENTINEL programme was the best decision in the world for me.

Following a masters working on fabrication of biosensors as single molecule detection, I am now able to improve my knowledge about single molecule detection and analysis using the instrumentation and expertise available Elements. It means I can learn about VLSI design as a low noise pico-potentiostat for biological applications with one of the most outstanding companies in the field of CMOS and VSLI design.

Great professors and scientists gathered in Paris in February 2020 for our first training workshop and I enjoyed such a friendly atmosphere there with kind and talented colleagues.

Since then, the pandemic has greatly affected the SENTINEL activities originally planned. But virtual communications have continued with journal Club discussions and meetings during the lockdown each week.

These were scientific and very useful. During the quarantine in Italy, I was so lucky that I had the chance to participate in some online lectures at Bologna University as well as some important lectures like Nano-Bio-CMOS Electronic interface at another university. Now I can use what I have learnt from all of them to show the majestic power of Nano Electronics and Biosensors.

I wish good health, happiness and success for all people around the world during this uncertain time.

Mostafa Salehirozveh

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