Dielectric Discoveries

Dimitrios Soulias, a PhD Student in the Bioelectronics group at the University of Leeds, recently hosted Maxwell Sparey to kick start a collaborative project to combine two novel techniques; Dielectrophoretic trapping and nanoprobe-based dielectric material analyses being developed separately by the University of Leeds and Keysight Technologies respectively.

The aim for Dimi and Max was to develop a proof-of-concept system based at the University of Leeds using their shared expertise and instruments from the Bioelectronics group and Keysight technologies Labs.

Dimi and Max produced a prototype system and managed to achieve some exciting preliminary data. This process was validated via video capture using a bright fields microscope and using high frequency electronics instrumentation. While the preliminary results show a lot of promise there are still improvements that can be made to their system and thus Dimi and Max will continue to work together collaboratively to further refine their technique in the future.